DNA Profiling and Parentage Verification

We offer DNA profiling using the International Society of Animal Genetics approved marker panels for horses. When used as a parentage verification tool, this panel offers 99.99% accuracy in excluding incorrect parentage. If you require your horse to be parentage verified for registration with your Breed Society, you should contact the Society first to determine whether you can send samples directly to us, or whether you need to submit via your Breed Society. We are also able to perform maternity or paternity testing if the DNA profile of only one parent is available.

Diagnostic tests

We offer testing for established genetic mutations that cause, or are associated with, a number of traits. You may wish to confirm that your horse does not carry a recessive (hidden) disease DNA variant that it could pass onto its offspring. Alternately, you might be aiming to breed for a particular colour or pattern. The list of traits that we can test for is below. We will be adding to this list so check it out regularly.

Research and Development

We are interested in all your horse DNA questions! Over time, you might notice us putting the call out for samples from horses with traits that we are investigating. We might also ask for a video of your horse, so we can make sure to categorise it properly. We are also here to support you, the horse owner and breeder, so if you have a horse exhibiting signs of a new trait or disease that you think might be of interest to us, let us know about it via the Contact Us page. We will keep all enquiries 100% confidential.
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