• DNA Profiling & 
    Parentage Verification
    We offer DNA profiling which can be used to confirm parentage or the identity of your horse.
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  • Genetic Diagnostic Testing
    We offer testing for known mutations that cause genetic disorders. This can be used to prevent the birth of a foal affected by one of these disorders.
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  • Coat Colour &
    Pattern Testing
    Our coat colour or pattern testing can be used as an aid for selection to produce a foal of a particular colour.
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  • Infectious Disease Testing
    The EGRC is currently executing a trial of PCR detection of the pre-breeding panel pathogens. This service is for veterinarians only.
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DNA Profiling and Parentage Testing

DNA Profiling and Parentage Testing

We offer DNA profiling using the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) approved marker panels for horses, which can be used to confirm or exclude parentage of your horse.

DNA Profiles

While most of the DNA in a horse is unique, there are millions of tiny differences across the genome. To obtain a DNA profile, we generate a snapshot of your horses DNA at some of those spots that we know are different to each other (called markers). We then compare the markers in the offspring to those in the parents to confirm or exclude parentage.

When used to confirm parentage, the ISAG panel offers over 99% accuracy in excluding incorrect parents. We are also able to perform maternity or paternity testing if the DNA profile of only one parent is available.

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