• DNA Profiling & 
    Parentage Verification
    We offer DNA profiling which can be used to confirm parentage or the identity of your horse.
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  • Genetic Diagnostic Testing
    We offer testing for known mutations that cause genetic disorders. This can be used to prevent the birth of a foal affected by one of these disorders.
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  • Coat Colour &
    Pattern Testing
    Our coat colour or pattern testing can be used as an aid for selection to produce a foal of a particular colour.
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  • Infectious Disease Testing
    The EGRC is currently executing a trial of PCR detection of the pre-breeding panel pathogens. This service is for veterinarians only.
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Genetic Diagnostic Testing

Disease Testing

We offer testing for established genetic mutations that cause, or are associated with, disorders in many breeds of horse. Testing can confirm whether your horse is afflicted with a genetic disorder. Testing is also the best way to confirm that your horse does not carry a recessive (hidden) disease DNA variant that it could pass onto its offspring. A list of traits that we test for is displayed below, and is continuously updated with newly developed tests.

Tests available

HCP (Friesian)

Hydrocephalus causes an excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain of foals. This usually causes the foals to be stillborn.


EFIH causes critically low calcium and a non-functional parathyroid gland in foals. All known cases so far have been fatal.


The SCC DNA mutation confers a high risk of squamous cell carcinoma, the most frequently occurring type of ocular cancer in horses


MYHM (previously called IMM) is a muscle disease found in Quarter Horses


HWSD is a disease that affects the hoof wall, causing it to easily break and crack


FFS1 is a disorder of the connective tissue which causes hyperextensible joints and skin tearing in affected foals.


OAAM is a bone defect which causes neurological problems


CA is a neurological disorder that affects coordination and balance


LFS is a fatal neurological disorder


SCID is a disorder of the immune system


MH is a muscle disorder that causes an increased rate of metabolic activity usually associated with administration of certain types of anaesthetic gases


HYPP is a muscular disorder that causes muscle spasms and tremors


PSSM1 causes muscle cramping and tying up


GBED is a disorder that prevents the storage of glycogen in muscles and other tissues, causing late term abortion, stillbirths and death in affected foals


HERDA is a skin disease found primarily in Quarter Horses and their derivatives

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