• DNA Profiling & 
    Parentage Verification
    We offer DNA profiling which can be used to confirm parentage or the identity of your horse.
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  • Genetic Diagnostic Testing
    We offer testing for known mutations that cause genetic disorders. This can be used to prevent the birth of a foal affected by one of these disorders.
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  • Coat Colour &
    Pattern Testing
    Our coat colour or pattern testing can be used as an aid for selection to produce a foal of a particular colour.
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  • Infectious Disease Testing
    The EGRC is currently executing a trial of PCR detection of the pre-breeding panel pathogens. This service is for veterinarians only.
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Quality Assurance

The Equine Genetics Research Centre prides itself on taking the best care with your horse’s DNA sample. We are horse owners ourselves, so we know the importance of getting it right. Providing the highest quality and most accurate DNA testing services is of the utmost importance to us.

Our quality assurance includes all measures required for correctly performing the services requested, as well as for communicating results in a secure manner. In addition to general quality assurance measures, our continuous population management and testing of key segments of the Australian equine populace enables us to achieve specific competencies that exceed the requirements of conventional accreditations or quality assurance certifications.

We have participated in the International Society of Animal Genetics comparison tests since our establishment in 2018 and have maintained a 100% competency by receiving a classification as a rank 1 laboratory.

While no genetic test is infallible, we have stringent quality control and data recording measures in place to ensure we achieve accurate results. We routinely re-test samples from our databases in-house to show robustness of our testing, as well as routinely trialling a wide variety of different sample materials to ensure our extraction and sample handlings are streamlined. We also include synthetic positive and negative controls in every run we perform to show each of our tests is working accurately.

Further, given our intimate knowledge of the Australian equine population, if the results do not align with what is already known for an individual or breed, they are researched and questioned with an owner or breed association before being shared.

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