• DNA Profiling & 
    Parentage Verification
    We offer DNA profiling which can be used to confirm parentage or the identity of your horse.
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  • Genetic Diagnostic Testing
    We offer testing for known mutations that cause genetic disorders. This can be used to prevent the birth of a foal affected by one of these disorders.
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  • Coat Colour &
    Pattern Testing
    Our coat colour or pattern testing can be used as an aid for selection to produce a foal of a particular colour.
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  • Infectious Disease Testing
    The EGRC is currently executing a trial of PCR detection of the pre-breeding panel pathogens. This service is for veterinarians only.
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Our Mission

Mission Statement
  • To ensure the integrity of Thoroughbred breeding in Australia through world class genetic testing.
  • To enhance the wellbeing of horses in Australia through excellence in genetic testing, research, and education.

To become a world class equine genetic testing laboratory supported by high quality customer service.

Core Functions
  • To perform equine genetic testing accurately, efficiently, and affordably.
  • To proactively monitor the genetic health of the Australian Thoroughbred population.
  • To support Thoroughbred racing authorities by providing forensic services as required.
  • To provide up to date information on the latest discoveries on genetics underlying health and disease to Stud Books, breeders, and veterinarians; and create educational resources to allow horse breeders to best meet their breeding goals.
  • To perform research that supports the welfare, wellbeing and integrity of Thoroughbreds, the Thoroughbred industry, and other horses in Australia.
  • To enhance the reputation of Racing Australia, the Thoroughbred, and the Thoroughbred industry.
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